What type of picture addict are you?


We all have that one friend on Facebook or Instagram who posts a never-ending stream of pictures that make us want to block him or her and never regret it. Blocking that individual, however, would be a grave mistake because those tacos posted last week gave you a purpose in life and you want more of that.

So, not to label anyone, but here are some of the common types of picture-posters we all have blowing up our newsfeeds on a daily basis.

The Selfie Enthusiast 

We get up close and personal with these people from the comfort of our screens. Usually topped off with a mesmerizing stare and a deep-in-the-meaning-of-life look, they’ve perfected the art of selfies down to a T.

Lisa I. Michaud

The usual smile, funny face, and duck face never fail to make an appearance either.

“I post selfies because I feel beautiful and I want every one of my followers to see it. Also, sometimes I’m bored, so I just take a picture of myself,” said Lisa Michaud.

 The Extravagant Traveler

This is the person we all secretly  want to be, if only because they get to see the world and eat the food, so we’re jealous. But sometimes there’s more to their pictures than what we initially think.


Marie Gaelle Dorcelia @Asvp_Gaelle

“I post pictures of the places I travel to, not only because it’s a memory of the things I’ve seen and the cultures I’ve experienced, but also so others who haven’t had the same experiences may see them and want to travel as well,”  said Marie Gaelle Dorcelia.

“It’s like me and food porn accounts; I see something that looks so good and delicious and it makes me crave it. It works the same with travel photography; someone seeing my traveling pictures may be opened up to something they’ve never considered before or maybe change their minds of the preconceived image they’ve had of that country.

“On my Instagram there’s a plethora of pictures of my home country Haiti and its gorgeous beaches and provinces. Often people say to me ‘Wow, I didn’t know Haiti was like that, I want to visit there now.’

“Often the media sways people’s perception of what a country is. Photography exposes many different aspects a country has to offer, and most of the time the good and beautiful outweighs the bad and ugly,”

The Nature Nut 

Sunsets, beaches, grass, trees, animals, you name it, they’ve got it. These people find beauty in a drop of water and tell a story with just one picture. Colorful and lively, or dark and sinister, they can make us feel everything there is to feel.


Stephany Gonzales _stephanyg_

 “I post pictures like this one because I like how the sky looks; it’s beautiful. It makes me feel happy because I get to enjoy the view. It makes me feel at peace somehow,” said Stephany Gonzales, who took the shot while walking home one day.

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  1. Alexa
    April 27, 2015 at 9:54 pm #

    I’m proud of you Samantha. I enjoyed reading all your posts. Awesome! Keep up with good work 😉

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