Spotting the art fakes on social media


In this era of social media, people can display an appreciation of art media and styles via posts. However, some users claim those posts lack originality and are breeding grounds for Internet posers.

Jennifer Baker, 18, is a working artist who says she enjoys posting art on social media, but dislikes when others publish it to seem sublime.

Some social media users may question if this is art.

“I always see people posting things on Instagram, like standing in front of paintings in museums to seem cool or artsy,”said Baker.”Only posers do that. Like, we get it, you’re looking at art.”

For some genuine art fans, the posts inspired by art and creativity are not to summon likes, but rather true enjoyment of a composition with their followers.

“When I post pictures on Instagram, I do it just to see if maybe someone else likes the same styles of art like me,” said Bree McDavid, an art student. “Maybe we can start a conversation about it.”

There seems to be a fundamental question of what makes a post on social media real or fake. Some viewers ask themselves, “What are the qualifications of genuine art appreciation?”

The answer can be determined  by different individuals. Rachael Howard, IRSC art student, says that she sees posers all over social media and does not deem them to be them true artists or fans.

“I unfollow the people who are not original in their posts or seem to mimic art rather than make their own,” she said. “I consider a poser as someone that draws celebrities from photographs. The work might look great, but it’s not their own.”image1

Baker also says that “posers usually just posts pictures of being at an art event or a museum, but they do not show any of their own work.”

McDavid said that the whole purpose of being into art is to create your own meaning. “I don’t fall into fads, and when someone mimics it, that’s how you know they’re not genuine about it.”

James Doughty,20,  who posts pictures online of his favorite art, sees a different side — the aspects of art as a free realm with  no boundaries.

“Honestly it doesn’t matter to me how people celebrate,” he said. “At the end of the day, art is art. There will never be a one way of doing things or a clear resolution of what is quality and what isn’t.”

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