Saving for SunFest


The largest waterfront festival in Florida, SunFest, is just under two months away. The event will take place during the last week of April on the waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach.

This festival is going to attract a lot of young attendees, college students, and people that just want something to do on the weekend, especially with acts like Lenny Kravitz, The Pixies, and 311. Tickets range from $32-$80. How will college students and youthful attendees afford to attend this year’s five-day festival?

sunfest ticketsFor  IRSC students, the popular answer was to save money each week until SunFest. One route for a $70 ticket is to put away $10 a week for seven weeks. And for drinks and food, plan to set aside another XX each week. This allows for a comfortable and steady saving pattern, that if done correctly, will give a student more than enough money to buy tickets and enjoy all of the pricey concessions.

Other students say that their approach is a last-minute “cash my check” the week before and buy tickets then.

Students who have the cash now can save money immediately. A one-day pass is $32 with advanced pricing versus $40 at the gate. A two-day pass is $50 through April 25 and $60 after that.

The best deal is a five-day pass to attend every day of the festival. The ticket costs $60 for what the website says “a limited time,” $70 in advance and $80 at the entrance.


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  1. Jonathan Damato
    April 8, 2015 at 2:45 pm #

    lenny kravitz and the pixies in the same sentence: weird

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