Makeup secrets for IRSC students


It’s time to get up for school. You shower, dress and put all that hair in a bun, but what about your face?

IRSC student Mariana Freitas, 20, shares some of her beauty secrets with the South Florida Sun.

“When applying makeup, I spend most of my time working on my eyes, said Freitas. “When people are talking to you, that is what they pay the most attention to.”

Her daily routine starts with a primer, which is a product that allows all other makeup to settle on the face smoothly. Next, she applies a foundation to even out her skin tone and cover any blemishes. Last, Freitas adds blush to her cheeks, eye makeup, and lip gloss.

Rhonda Guadeloupe and Kaitlin Rice have been professionally doing makeup for seven years combined at the Treasure Coast Square Mall.

Kaitlin Rice is all smiles.

Kaitlin Rice is wearing soft pink eyeshadow and a beautiful smile!

Here are theirrecommendations:


  • Always clean your skin and keep it hydrated
  • Apply primer before foundation
  • Clean brushes between applications


  • Sleep with makeup on
  • Use dirty brushes
  • Use fingers to apply makeup
  • Use excessive amounts of a product
  • Pick at your skin once the makeup is done
  • Pump the mascara brush. This allows air to enter the tube and messes up the product
  • Share make up unless you have cleaned it

For on-the-go IRSC student, Guadeloupe suggests a tinted moisturizer and dusting on a little powder to make the face look finished. Rice recommends moisturizing and adding concealer under the eyes, just to look refreshed before heading to class.

Rhonda Guadeloupe, professional artist, has her brush belt ready!

Rhonda Guadeloupe, professional artist, has her brush belt ready!

The best tip provided from all three women was to not hide behind your makeup.

“Don’t be hard on yourself,” said Rice. “Have makeup enhance you, not alter you”

“Makeup enhances your natural beauty,” Guadeloupe said. “That’s what it is for.”

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