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Tampa-based hardcore/grunge band Illuminate Me released their brand new single “Lost Art” earlier this week. Listen to it here: (You can also listen to it on Spotify.)

Several member changes have occurred since their debut album “I Have Become a Corpse” was released in July 2014. The current lineup is Christ Murray (lead vocalist), Cameron Knopp (guitar), Jon Kennedy (guitar), Jay Gayoso (bass), and Sebastian Quintero (drums). This is the lineup the song was released under.

When Murray was asked what Illuminate Me’s new music would sound like several months before its release, he simply stated that it would sound a lot different than the songs on their first album. In a post on the band’s Facebook page, Murray let fans in on the meaning behind the song.

To me personally, it represents how someone’s true art can be “lost” on the over-saturated online music scene or just go unnoticed because it’s not as trending compared to a lot of artists kind of sticking to the gimmick of the week, month, year… what have you.
I think it also represents how people can sell their souls to these trends, destroying what was truly unique and different about them, to please a larger audience so they can perhaps be noticed and become more successful.
By no means am I saying we are unique, special, or even better than anyone who does any of these things. I just have seen less and less variety and more conformity in music nowadays, but as long as people are happy doing what they are doing, then I can’t judge.
I think this also goes back to the band name and it’s meaning. “Illuminate Me” was based on the idea to always be yourself, no matter how weird or outlandish you might be perceived by others. I still firmly believe and stand by that to this day.

They are holding a contest until May 5 for the song. Whoever buys the song on iTunes for $1.29 and sends a screenshot of the purchase to their band page will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card.

Illuminate Me will be playing a show alongside And One For All on Saturday, May 9 at the Brass Mug in Tampa. They will be playing “Lost Art”, and it is rumoured that they will play another new song that has not yet been released.

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Cameron Knopp of Illuminate Me - Rhia B. Photography

Cameron Knopp of Illuminate Me – Rhia B. Photography

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