Haunted Mansion

By Amber Pitcher

At first glance, the newly renovated Mansion at Tuckahoe, also known as Leach Mansion, appears to be grand and welcoming.  However, before the renovations took place, the house was run down and spooky looking.


There are many ghost stories about the mansion. Some tales of hauntings include extreme cold spots in the hallways and floating orbs throughout the building. Shadows of people have also been seen in all areas of the building when there has been no one there.

The auditorium is said to be one of the most haunted areas. Reports of piano music and the sound of a young boy singing are experienced frequently.

One unique report from this location is, when entering through the double doors, a very strange feeling can be experienced. Some even describe it as feeling like entering another world.

Another common report is the feeling of being watched. Some have claimed to feel the presence of another person, as if they were being followed around the building.

So if you’re in the mood for a little ghost hunting, surely you’ll want to visit… if you’re not too scared.

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