Grace Ha: arising fashion icon on the Treasure Coast



Ha modeling one of the many dresses she posts

Fans from the Treasure Coast to New York recognize Grace Ha, an upcoming fashion icon.

She has over 287,000 followers on Instagram and many more on other social media. She entices and inspires young people with her eccentric makeup, unique clothing choices and fitness training.

“My interest in makeup first began when I was young,” Ha said. “I loved drawing and have always been a creative type.”

Ha, like many other aspiring young adults, wants to excel at what she loves. The 20-year-old is doing that with the help of her family she has become a professional.

“As soon I was able, I received my beautician license,” Ha said. “They support my decision and help me be the best at what I do.”

This, Ha says, has given her a financial boost.


Grace and her sister Joy Ha

“At first, I started working with my mom in the salon,” she said. “This helped me purchase the makeup I needed.”

Without knowing it, Ha was starting her career.

“Some of my first clients were friends,” she said. “From them, I learned what to do and what not to do with styles of makeup. My mistakes with them taught me a lot.”

Joy Ha, sister of Grace is one of the people she practiced with.

“Joy and I practiced on each other,” Ha said. “We gave each other tips and taught things to each other.”

During this time, Ha was also developing her own clothing line.


Grace modeling for update picture on Instagram

“Most of the outfits I wear in my pictures are styled by me,” Ha said. “I’ve always been into fashion too.”

But what started her popularity on Instagram?

“I never knew I was going to become Instagram famous,” Ha said. “But I guess what started my popularity on Instagram were the various hairstyles I did.

“Soon after, I was on the popular page and I started receiving more followers, and from then on I became increasingly popular.”

“I loved watching her tutorials and her complex hairstyles” said Julia Kocovski a fan of her work.

“People learn a lot from her Instagram” said Kocovski.

Her large following has allowed her to work with companies for photo-shoots and product advertisements.

Ha also trains hard to improve her physique, but the road has been harder than expected.


Ha showing off her hard work

“In high school, I let myself go by eating a lot of junk food during my relationship,” Ha said. “When I first started going to the gym, I had no idea what I was doing.
“I didn’t let that stop me. I began to teach myself on how to do proper workouts and to improve my nutrition.”


Along with makeup, fashion and fitness, Ha developed an interest in music.

“When I was little I loved to sing and dance,” she said. “Makeup captured my interest soon after and I stopped doing music, although I still love to do both.”

She also plans to extend her presence well beyond Instagram and social media. Ha would like to start a makeup line, and she is studying to become a personal trainer.


Ha advertising a product

“And next year, I plan on moving to Miami and continue my YouTube channel,” Ha said. “I plan to upload more frequently and better the content of my videos.

“Miami will lead to more opportunities with more clients and more companies. I feel like I will grow more professionally in an environment like that.”

Even with her popularity on social media, Ha says that producing content is not what pressures her.

“Most of the time, it’s time conflicts,” Ha said.

She says social media brings out the worst of people, and she watches for that. Her philosophy is that people should not judge a book by its cover and should be humble.

“I don’t like dealing with haters,” she said. “If someone tries to bother me, I just block them.”

Look out for Grace in Miami next year as she continues her projects.




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