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Two weeks ago, Christopher Murray, lead vocalist of Illuminate Me, started a petition on change.org to tell Facebook that bands and small businesses are tired of paying to get their posts out to their fans.

The petition reached 30,000 signatures in just over 2 days. At 50,000 signatures, Murray will send the petition to Facebook. It may not make a difference, but we’ve got to try, right?

Murray says, “We want Facebook to remove having to pay to reach fans and followers. We are not money making machines, we are people.” on the petition page.

Facebook has raised the rate for pages to get their posts out to even the audience they’ve already acquired. Illuminate Me has just over 25 thousand fans on Facebook, but their reach is hardly a fraction of that. Murray says they have shelled out over three thousand dollars over the years to promote their posts to their fans and friends.

Bands and small businesses hardly have the money it takes to keep their Facebook pages up and running. Musicians already pay hefty amounts of money for making their music and touring. It is hardly fair that they have to pay Facebook to reach out to their fans.

Communication is key when it comes to bands or businesses. Reaching out to fans and followers is how they become known. Facebook is making that extremely difficult for many of them. Gaining new fans who buy their music and merchandise is how many of them make a living, so Facebook is taking that away.

Many bands and businesses have begun moving to Twitter, Instagram, and other free social media sites to promote their product. Facebook and its owners are becoming greedy and it is unjustifiable.

If you are in a band, own a small business, or just want to show your support, sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/facebook-we-want-facebook-to-remove-having-to-pay-to-reach-fans-and-followers


Christopher Murray of Illuminate Me and a fan

Christopher Murray of Illuminate Me and a fan at Anonymous Guitars

Illuminate Me and the crowd at A Festivus for the Rest of Us show in December 2014

Illuminate Me and the crowd at A Festivus for the Rest of Us show in December 2014

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