Election over, let the hibernation begin


(Editor’s note: These are the reporter’s observations on Election Night.)

Sheriff’s cars and uniformed officers line the front of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Election’s Office on Okeechobee Road. Out in the parking lot, signs spring like plants reading “Romney and Ryan,” “Patrick Murphy for Congress,” “Fire Obama,” and so on and so forth.

Talk fills the air both inside and out of the building like smoke from a factory. Pollution. Non-stop chatter across the airwaves.

The big question: Who will win?

We, being in one of the few states that actually matter in a presidential election, hold the power to swing the direction of this indecision 2012. Months and months of endless campaigning will finally come to a halt. After tonight, members of the public will either go to sleep in bliss or bitter anger, and begin their four-year hibernation period of giving a rat’s ass about politics.

In a back room, numbers continually scroll and flash across a video screen. Reporters jabber on about their opinions and projected ideas as if they matter. Almost like a football game, Murphy scores a field goal. President Obama intercepts Massachusetts, Mitt Romney’s old state as governor.

It’s amazing, the amount of glorification put into this night. My only regret right now is not being able to find a bookie to take a political bet. Hundreds and thousands of dollars could be made or lost at the expense of these political icons. Money is everything in this country, and it definitely turns politics from a complete bore to a competitive adrenaline rush.

It is now obvious that Obama has taken the presidency, but here in District 18, Republican incumbent Allen West and Democrat Patrick Murphy are deadlocked. The voting results are almost 50/50.

This in itself is nothing short of amazing considering Murphy spent less than half of what West has spent on what is being called the most expensive congressional race in history. And even now at almost 2 a.m., the results still aren’t in. Finally, 30 minutes later, the numbers are final. Murphy squeezed by with less than 3,000 votes, thus proving that you can’t buy a political position and restoring a small percentage of my faith in this country.

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