Dog laws are changing around Florida


Dog laws changing each year as the safety of dogs has become a topic of interest in cities. The hot weather is posing a great threat to dogs and this has pushed county officials to expedite new containment laws.

St. Lucie County, along with other districts, has installed a new animal ordinance in the treatment of domesticated animals.

According to the Humane Society of St. Lucie County, the ordinances include:

  • Animals cannot be tethered outside without supervision
  • Tethers must be at least 10 feet long
  • Animals that are younger than 6 months or that are injured cannot be tethered
  • Animals that kept outside must have a covered shelter that is at least 6 inches above ground
  • Animals cannot be kept tethered outside under severe conditions such as tropical storms, hurricanes, 100-degree weather, and weather colder than 40 degrees

These new laws have been enacted on a state level and are enforced by Animal Control. If any of these laws are broken, Animal Control Officers will issue a warning or conduct further proceedings. St. Lucie county commissioners have issued fines that are associated with violations.

Bosco the Cocker Spaniel

Bosco the Cocker Spaniel

Dog owners like SanJay Samone, owner of Bosco the Cocker Spaniel, are relishing the fact that dogs across Florida are being acknowledged.

“It breaks my hearts to see dogs left outside by themselves all day clipped by a leash,” said Samone. “I think those animals are really sad. They’re not meant to be left outside alone. What’s the point of even getting them if you’re going to do that?”

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