Craig Woll: Candidate for Martin County Commissioner


Craig Woll is a candidate for Martin County Commissioner. He sat down for an interview on how he could serve the needs of local residents.

Q. What do you have to say to students today?

A. Hang in there, things have got to get better. Ill be 60 next month, it was close to this bad when I was born. It’s as bad a time as this country has ever seen. It’s not going to be easy at first, but were a strong country and well get back from this. Don’t be greedy, that’s what got us here in the first place. We’ve got to return to being honest people or it will continue to happen.

A. How does your stand on the environment benefit my generation?

Q. 40% of the environment has some sort of government amenity, were very fortunate for all our protected land. I think we need to remember that while we need to satisfy our own needs as human beings there are a number of other species that rely on our own intelligent conservation. We need to be aware of the species that we’ve lost. This planet is what supports us, if we don’t not take care, it wont be able to provide for us or sustain us. It’s important that every generation remembers that were not just in this for the short time on earth.

A. What do you plan to do to create more jobs?

Q. Firstly, Martin County is notorious for being a hard country to establish or expand a business because it is expensive and there are many regulations. The current committee has charged growth management of altering designations. In addition to making permits more accessible, we need to be quicker; we need to expedite. Also, we need to support and defend Urban Service Boundaries. I would like to see green business’ that are appropriate for the county. We owe it to our citizens to look outside, we don’t nee just more jobs, business’ will bring a better tax base than residential will bring.

A. How can keeping our Urban Service Boundaries benefit our area?

Q. USBs, designed primarily to keep us from spending more money than necessary to save money. They are also a growth boundary that limits development in rural areas. They also allow emergency services access to water ways and sewer roads, quickening response times. Response times are on par with the standards we set we shouldn’t spend money on adding sewer lines. Density 4 homes per acre, to 1 home per 20 acres. This was an invitation for an urban sprawl and made developers feel like its ok to make high density outside of boundaries. Lands inside of these areas have density level of one home per one or two acres. The more densely populated these areas, the slower the response time for the emergency services.

A. Do you plan on doing anything about education?

Q. I believe in increasing size of the Indian River State County Chastain campus and an increased variety of subjects that are being taught. The more education options we can provide close to home, the better off we are. Not only does it educate our students but it provides a level of jobs that are desirable to the younger generation. If we can bring higher level jobs, the more opportunities there is for business growth that are related for education.

A. How do you support higher education?

Q. If we have more schools or larger student body, there may be more young people that choose to stay in the area. If there’s no work, college students will only be here for their educational period. We need to attract industries. There are many people in this county that don’t want it to change ever, and I respect that. But that’s not too sustainable tax base, we need to grow as a state and be going after industry.

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