Abiotic and their long-awaited second album


When we apply common principles to find the solution of what is wrong and right, to help us find directives in life, we need to beware of the reasoning that may actually be subtly misleading especially when it comes to our morals.  This is better known as casuistryAbiotic, the South Floridian death metal quintet, chose this term as the title for its new album in an effort to make its audience think.

Scrape the surface of its first song, released Feb. 11, from its second full-length album, titled “Cast Into The Depths:”

The band’s new singer, Travis Bartosek, says the poetic growls mesh with technical guitar riffs and meticulous blast beats. Abiotic is also proud to have John Gallagher, the front man from Dying Fetus, perform as a guest on their first song to add to the eerie guitar lead in the beginning.

“The first song is definitely the toughest song lyrically,” Bartosek said. “I did rewrite the lyrics, just with a different pattern on the vocals, after performing the entire song on a summer tour. That was challenging, but it centers around religion like most of the songs do, except I don’t just focus on Christianity.”

The lyrics aren’t posted online yet but he gave some examples.

“Violent scriptures and drain. Deface. Abolish,” those words “are both centered on Islam and mostly ISIS,” he said. “Coming from a Jewish background, this was probably the most ironic thing to write about I digress… Christians in the old times used to kill those who stood against the word of God and literally that’s what the extremists do in those Middle Eastern countries today.”

Working with Metal Blade Records again, band members are beyond excited about the new album.  On their second song, “The Absence of Purity,” Paul Waggoner, lead guitarist from Between The Buried and Me, performs a solo that Waggoner wrote and recorded himself.

Bartosek said, “He is a huge part of the song because his solo really ties in the music.”

Here is John and Matt’s guitar-through in the second song:

When asked about the concept behind the album’s cover art, Bartosek explained that the entire concept was already planned before him and the new drummer, Brent Phillips, joined the band in February 2014.

“The album artwork was made and I kind of went off that,” said Bartosek. “I wrote a couple personal songs and the rest I wrote about my complete disdain for organized religion. How original, for a death metal band, right?” Bartosek and Phillips will join up with the rest of the band: John Matos, Matt Mendez on guitars and Alex Vazquez on bass, for a tour that will start in Texas to support Between The Buried and Me and then the “Cast Into The Depths Of Perception” tour will take them to Louisiana, Missouri, the Mid-Atlantic, Detroit, a handful of cities thru the Mid-West and end on the West coast with Boris The Blade, Alterbeast, and Reaping Asmodeia to support the release of their full-length on April 21st.  Pre-order it here.

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  1. Jonathan Damato
    April 8, 2015 at 2:47 pm #

    2 heavy 4 me bro. sick guitar work though, no doubt

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